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Windows IoT dashboard…

We promised some massive improvements for your support team and here is the first new feature, the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard. This is going to change the way you support end users forever. The dashboard allows the remote control of any Tokyo device on the network. You can control the device as though you were in the same room! The dashboard also allows access to the Tokyo filing system which means you can take a copy of the database held within the Tokyo memory. You can also run PowerShell, which is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language, designed especially for system administration.

The IoT dashboard also provides a quick link to the Windows Device Portal.


Windows IOT Dashboard
Windows IoT dashboard


Windows Device Portal...

The second new feature is the Windows Device Portal. This feature enables you, (amongst many other things), to update the Tokyo software, select Wi-Fi networks, specify IP information, pair with Bluetooth devices, adjust speaker volume, grab screen-shots from the Tokyo device and even monitor the Tokyo device performance.

When problem solving, remember that both the Windows IoT dashboard and the Windows Device Portal can be run remotely. First, use TeamViewer to access the customer’s network then use the IoT Dashboard to select the device and attempt to replicate the reported fault. You can copy the device database, (for emailing to timeware®), and use the Device Portal to upgrade the device software before finally replacing the database.


Windows Device Portal
Windows Device Portal