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What’s new in timeware® 2020...

We’ve revamped the Working Time Regulation feature to provide timeware® users with a real time view of rule breaches. We’ve also completely rewritten the dashboards to ‘Toronto’ standard which will hopefully provide our partners, (with Celtic Production’s assistance), with yet another potential revenue stream.

Our commitment to the Suprema product range grows from strength to strength as we integrate Suprema access control into timeware®.  Partners now have the option of using either the legacy NMD3 v10 access control unit or the access control features built into the Suprema BioLite N2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, BioEntry D2 and XPass 2 devices.

Security is very important and timeware® 2020 also supports Suprema’s Secure IO 2 for secure door control via encrypted communication and slave devices connected over RS485.

Last but not least are the 30+ minor amendments to the software including support for the NMD3 Tokyo platform and application speed optimisation. We have also implemented the latest versions of all associated software to incorporate the latest security updates and enhancements.

A complete list of development notes can be found at


Application speed optimisation…

The need for speed! timeware® 2020 sees the introduction of a major enhancement that benefits all sizes of projects. As the number of Enterprise class installations steadily increased, so did the occasional complaint about speed issues within the application. Several of our larger sites with over 10,000 active employees had reported long delays when using the Planner, Enrolment wizard and in particular, the ‘Find’ feature. This feedback lead to a major overhaul of code that was originally developed in 2002 when the connection between the timeware® Server it’s Clients had a much lower maximum data transfer rate than now. After an extensive optimisation process, the development team are pleased to announce a massive speed improvement reducing 25 second delays to just under 1 second!