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What the team is working on right now!

Wi-Fi as standard for 2016…

The development team are pleased to announce that both the attendance and access PCB designs are currently being re-developed to support the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard.  It is planned that the v10 access will be renamed as v11 access and that the v11 attendance will renamed as v12 attendance.  The Wi-Fi features on the both of the new PCBs will only be accessible from timeware 2016.  Customers with older versions of software requiring the new Wi-Fi features must upgrade to 2016.

‘SmartBooking’ the new name for enhanced enquiry…  

The development team have now completed the SmartBooking feature and are testing the new technology in a number of ‘real-world’ environments using an early beta version of timeware 2016 and a series of specially developed SmartBooking scripts.

Example 1. Early booking eliminator for an attendance system.
Employees are now not able to book in if they are too early for work.  On presenting their badge (or finger), the system identifies their current daily schedule and calculates the number of minutes before the start of work.  Any more than fifteen minutes and the message ‘booking not accepted, please return in x minutes’ is displayed.

Example 2. Tailgate eliminator for an access control system.
In the scenario where an employee ‘tailgates’ another member of staff and walks through an access controlled area without presenting their badge (or

finger), any further attempts to access doors past this point are rejected and the employee is forced to return to the entrance to enter the building correctly.

Example 3. Two managers presence required to enable access server room for a access control system.
To access a server room, two managers must present their primary or secondary fingers to a bio-access reader within 30 seconds of each other before the door will open.