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What level of service do your customers deserve?..

Selling a timeware® system is easy.

The hard part comes when its time to implement the system and to ensure its smooth running 24/7 year upon year.

timeware® global assist is the name given to the support agreement that timeware® (UK) Ltd offers to all of its customers. Each global assist agreement contains details of the customers’ designated support level agreement (SLA)

The SLA always covers both software and hardware.

During the demonstration phase, the customers global assist SLA will be discussed, documented and included in a quotation. Following the first 12 months free support, the customer will receive an invoice for the following year’s global assist. Support is not compulsory but is strongly recommended!

How will the timeware® support team help?

Within customer care we have a full-time, office based support team that are available to answer customer’s questions between 8.30am and 5.30pm each weekday, Excluding bank holidays. Incidents can also be reported out of office hours using our webbased helpdesk service. When addressing an incident, the support team utilise remote desktop called team viewer to access the customer’s network, (with their permission), to identify and rectify the reported problem.


SLA1: from £517.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs
Unlimited telephone support.
Hardware cover on all itemised hardware (excluding vandalism).
Monthly customer care call.
SLA2: from £895.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs.
All the features of SLA1.
A pre-arranged site visit to upgrade software and firmware and to provide product awareness training.
SLA3: Costs determined by scope of required managed services.
All the features of SLA2.
A complete timeware® managed service.