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What can the timeware® team do for you?

Keeping our partners up to date with the latest developments is crucial for the success of the timeware® brand. As our partners continue to grow and employ more staff, it is crucial that we are able to update everyone through events, websites and social media. Here is an overview of all of our partner orientated platforms:

insider magazine

A quarterly magazine that contains the latest partner news from timeware®. In each issue we focus on one main subject and provide advice and insights into product development.

This is the partner support site. From here you can log faults, watch development update videos and read the latest articles from the insider magazine.

Partner assist days

There are twenty dates reserved throughout the year which are available free of charge to any partner on a first come, first served basis.

These are primarily used for on-site staff training and assistance with demos.


We run four workshops every year in February, May, August and November at the Norton Grange Hotel in Rochdale. The workshops provide us with the opportunity to explain and demonstrate each product development update The workshops are ideal for technical support team members.

YouTube content

Development videos are posted on our timeware® Partner YouTube channel for people who cannot attend the workshops.

Tweets Daily

tweets about installations and product development direct for the development team.

Customer care email for partner technical support. for all non-technical partner queries.