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timeware® wall mounted biometric reader…

We were going to phase-out the timeware® wall mounted bio reader in favour of using the Suprema BioEntry W2 reader, but after pressure from Andre’s team at Wisegrove we changed our mind (what’s new!) and decided to launch the re-designed product with timeware® 2018 in November this year.

This new reader is compatible with existing v10 based access control and assembly point terminals and will be compatible with the new range of Raspberry Pi based access equipment due to be released in November 2018. As you can see, the styling of this new device follows Project Tokyo with high-gloss white casing with electric blue RFID symbol.

This device is not designed to be waterproof but could be used outdoors with an appropriate cover. Please note that this device can share bio templates with the Tokyo terminal and Suprema’s BioEntry W2 which in turn is IP67 and IK08 rated.