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timeware® v12...

The v11/v12 attendance terminal was launched almost 5 years ago and to date over 1,700 units have been shipped. As you are aware, the z80 microprocessor platform used by this device has reached the end of its life from a timeware® development perspective. We will, however, continue to manufacture the terminal until at least December 2020, and further still if the demand for the product continues.

The v12 will continue to be available in both proximity and biometric formats. Please note that the bio format is Secugen which is not compatible with the extensive range of Suprema products. We have withdrawn the access bio reader so again, please note that if your customer wishes to introduce biometric access, then you will need to supply Suprema based readers and enrol all users twice – once using Secugen for attendance, and again on Suprema for access control.

Q. When should you promote a timeware v12?

A. When price is a major factor.


Device: timeware® v12

Use: Attendance

Rating: No IP rating

Location: Offices

Users: 5,000

Records: 15,000

Prox: Various

Standard features include:

Business in / business out

End of shift