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timeware® Product Road Map...

Project Toronto first reveal - 2021 Item complete

Included in the timeware® Professional 2021 software suite are three new applications developed to Project ‘Toronto’ standard. Users will see the introduction of the Dashboard designer and separate Report Designer along with a Dashboard and Report viewer. The applications incorporate many features that have been included in the new timeware® standard such as the introduction of a ribbon menus, incorporating large, tabbed toolbars, filled with graphical buttons and other graphical control elements grouped by functionality. In-line error validation and null text prompts to make data entry more intuitive and selectable themes & palettes for a truly personalised timeware® experience.

ESS Go (v1.0) - 2021 Item complete

After 5 years of reliable service the Mobile Worker app’ is being superseded by ESS Go. The ‘ground-up’ redesign will mean that the app’ is more efficient, faster to use and the perfect platform to incorporate new features as we move forward towards a fully functional employee self service module. The initial version, v1.0, will replicate the features, and cost, of the mobile worker. Attendance bookings made through the app’ will be stored in the NMD3 cloud, accessed by timeware® Professional and passed to the timeware® client for approval by a manager.

FaceStation F2 integration - 2021 Item complete

2021 sees Suprema’s new FaceStation F2 integrated with timeware® Professional.

timeware® Professional API - 2021 Item complete

An application programming interface (API) is a computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software systems. By creating a timeware® API, we hope to encourage innovation, allowing the capabilities of the timeware® suite of applications to be utilised by other software developers. Customers with software development capabilities may use the free timeware® API to enable an in-house software project to utilise the timeware® absence management or calculation engines. Similarly, the API can be used by a product such as Power BI by Microsoft, to provide interactive visualisations, reports and dashboards.

timeware® Professional services - 2022

The next processes to be re-written will be the event handler and the three communication services. The event handler will no longer support Crystal Reports but instead will support C# scripting utilising DevExpress Documentation APIs. The data collection agent, the fire alarm agent and the terminal enquiry agent will be replaced by a new timeware® device manager. The device manager will be optimised to work with Suprema devices and will operate in a completely new way, listening for data being transferred from the devices rather than requesting data from the device. Providing a faster more efficient communication method utilising modern data transfer protocols means that the device manager will be capable of providing alarms and alerts in real-time. 2022 will see the end of support for HandPunch, Hanvon and ZKTeco devices.

ESS Go (v2.0) - 2022

The ESS Go mobile app’ will include two new employee self-service features this year with the introduction of a 31 day attendance rota viewer and the ability for employees to check their attendance timesheets.

ESS Go (v2.1) - 2023

Absence and holiday features will be added to the ESS Go mobile app’ in 2023 giving employees an opportunity to check their holiday entitlement, request time off and the ability to request cancellation of pre-arranged absences. Absence requests made through the app’ will be stored in the NMD3 cloud, accessed by timeware® Professional and passed to the timeware® client for approval by a manager.

ESS Go (v2.2) - 2024

The final release of the ESS Go mobile app will include a feature enabling employees to make personal detail change requests plus job costing and cost centre data entry. All requests made through the app’ will be stored in the NMD3 cloud, accessed by timeware® Professional and passed to the timeware® client for approval by the relevant manager.

The release of ESS Go (v2.2) will see the withdrawal of the older ESS Web application.

timeware® Professional client - 2025

Only when the essential ground-work of defining and developing the new ‘Toronto’ standards is complete can we begin to consider the re-write of the timeware® Professional client application.    With over 750,000 individual lines of code, this will be a careful process involving rigorous testing to ensure no errors are introduced. This process may take up to two years to complete and will involve members of the development team involved in the re-writes and the support team for the extensive testing. During the re-write, we will not being introducing any new application features as the emphasis must be on re-creating a thoroughly tested, working system.

2025 will see the end of support for all NMD3 legacy devices.

timeware® Professional engines - 2028

Once the timeware® Professional client application has been released, the final phase of the development of Project Toronto will be the re-writing of the many application engines that operate behind the scenes performing essential tasks. The re-write is required as it will allow the development team to implement new .NET 5 framework technologies when re-designing some of the most important elements of timeware®: the calculation, absence management, planner, scripting, and email engines.

timeware® Professional SaaS - 2030

2030 will see the launch of an alternative software sales model, timeware® Professional SaaS. Where the timeware® software is licenced on a subscription basis and will be centrally hosted by NMD3 in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and accessed through timeware® Professional SaaS will be accessed by users using a thin client, eg: a web browser. The launch of timeware® Professional SaaS will see the withdrawal of the older TWC Web application. From 2030 there will be two version of timeware® Professional:  a SaaS version and a Client/Server version.