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With timeware® managed services, the timeware® support team take on additional responsibility...

Here’s the starting point of the idea:
We sell a solution to a customer which includes many customised (and often unique) features.  We spend a great amount of time preparing their system and incorporating the required customisation.  Next, when commissioning the system, we test all eventualities using our combined knowledge and years of real-world examples.

And then what do we do? We train the customer’s timeware® administrators over a two day period and expect them to be experts. Then we employee support staff to deal with confused administrators who have forgotten their training.  

timeware® managed services was created four years ago and replaces the need to train timeware® administrators.  Customers who decide to use this service are not allowed to make configuration changes, they simply contact their support account manager at timeware® with a system change request.  Their support account manager then uses TeamViewer to access their system to make the change.  its that simple!

Simon Birchall talks to Nathan Beveridge who is the support account manager for two of timeware’s® largest clients, IAC and Sheffield Teaching Hospital.

Nathan, please can you explain the benefits associated with a managed service?
”The main benefit of becoming a managed service is the convenience of a dedicated timeware® support technician available to assist the customer with any support queries or system configuration requests at a moment’s notice. The dedicated support technician knows the ”ins” and ”outs” of the customers system meaning the customer receives the highest level of support.”

How often do managed service customers call?
”On average I’d say I receive around 3-4 calls per day, dependant on the customer.”

Nathan, Can you explain the process a managed service customer follows from logging a call to the completion of the call?
”The customer will firstly get in contact with me via email, phone or our self-service logging system. The request/problem will be logged down on our call logging system. It is at this stage I will determine the urgency of the problem. If urgent, I will manage and hopefully resolve the call there and then. If it is a non-urgent call, the customer will receive a call back within a few hours dependant on support call levels. Only when the customer is happy and the problem fixed will the call be classed as completed.”

Can you explain timeware’s® site visit policy?
”As part of the managed service, we agree on a number of site visits throughout the year to meet with the timeware® administrators to discuss the timeware® system performance.  This proactive approach to support not only gives the customer an opportunity to discuss issues with us in person, but also allows us to outline new developments which which may lead to sales opportunities in the future.  The opportunity to get in front of a customer should never be missed!.”  

What type of feedback have you had from current managed service customers?
”It’s only been positive! Due to how close you work with the customer it helps to develop a strong business relationship and all the customers I manage have only good things to say about the service.”

What is the typical additional cost for the managed service?
”The cost is based on a number of important factors as each customer is different.  We take into account the number of timeware® administrators and the number of work schedules and absence entitlements.  We have to consider if the customer is going to want to make frequent configuration changes and the complexity of customised scripts.  Each managed service is priced according to our expectations of the customer’s service requirements. Offering an effective managed service increases the customer’s support agreement by between £1,500 to £10,000 per annum.”

Functions that are covered by the Managed Services
User creation, absence reference and entitlement creation/amendment, schedule creation/amendment...

Here is an infographic showing the number of different types of calls logged by the timeware® support team during a typical week during October 2016.  As you can see, there are a significant number of type of calls that would be covered by the managed services.