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timeware® customisation points...

There are many ‘customisation points’ within the timeware® system.  Here is the current list along with some examples:

Absence Entitlement
Control special requirements for an employees annual leave entitlement
E.g - Pro Rata entitlements based on customer requirements.
E.g - Employees can get entitlement from when they started rather than from holiday year.

Application Event
Run events that can trigger based on certain circumstances within timeware® ie on client start up or before calculation.
E.g - Ensuring no more than one swipe at terminal, also showing message on terminal screen stating that employee has only just swiped.
E.g - Export employees in to another system on client start up.
E.g - Convert attendance bookings to job costing.

Adjust when an employee is entitled to breaks within the shift
E.g - A script can be written to automatically deduct breaks so employees won’t need to clock Out/In for breaks.
E.g - Employee needs to work certain amount of hours to have a break.

Modify the output of hours on a day beyond the capabilities of the standard system
E.g - Overtime approval for employees on a particular
daily schedule.
E.g - Drivers can be provided a bonus when they work overnight
E.g - Employees get paid a nightshift premium between the hours of 22:00-06:00

Custom dashboards specific to the customer
E.g - User defined dashboards can be scripted.

Send emails to employees/managers under specific circumstances
E.g - Email managers when absence has been booked Via ESS.
E.g - Email To-Do list to selected users.

Event Handler
Run specific events at set intervals ie every day at 09:00.
E.g - Email Report to managers
E.g - Automatically decline overbooked absences and email managers/employees telling them its been declined.

Custom exports specific to the customer
E.g - Export information from the software in to a workable excel document.

Form Event
Automatically fill out fields or force fields to be entered on forms throughout the system
E.g - when booking a holiday for certain department, a form event script can allow you to know who else is off at that time in the same department. Will only allow (X) amount of employees off at one time.
E.g - When creating a new employee in the software, make a specified field mandatory.
E.g - Make the comment field mandatory before absence can be saved.

Apply specific rules for the production of weekly hours.
E.g - 40 physical hours need to be worked before an employee qualifies for overtime
E.g - Work out the average amount of hours an employee should be getting over 3 weeks.
E.g - Award a first aid bonus to employees with a specific grouping within timeware®.

Sage Payroll
Perform an event when using the timeware® to Sage link.
E.g - Importing employees into timeware® from Sage.
E.g - Convert hours within timeware® to decimal the moment the sage link is transferred.

Scripts that can be triggered by users at any point.
E.g - Locking all doors using timeware® Access Control.
E.g - Add a specified amount of hours on to all employees as a bonus.
E.g - Convert every employee that have not had an attendance booking in the last 6 months to a leaver.

Terminal Enquiry Agent
Functions are performed on the timeware® hardware that produce specific requirements.
E.g - showing employee as In/Out on screen of terminal when swiping.
E.g - Tell the employee when the clock in/out if they have an anomaly ie missed a clock in.
E.g - Automatically stop previous job when clocking on to a new job.

To-Do List
Display bespoke fields within the users to-do list
E.g - To ensure an employee has had an 11-hour gap between shift.
E.g - Display all employees when they have a set amount of entitlement remaining before their renewal date.