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Secugen & Suprema, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (well ISO/IEC 19794-2…)

We had a problem with our biometric solution - there wasn’t an IP65 option for outdoor installations. OK, we had the weatherproof cover but this required a large surface area for installation and was not sturdy enough for carpark barriers or turnstiles. The t8-0380 reader we had developed in 2010 was also very difficult to install with a high failure rate (during installation) because of some delicate wiring that was easily broken by even the most careful technician. It was time for a major change.

In late 2016, Secugen announced the release of their UN20 bio reader which supports both Secugen and ISO/IEC 19794-2 formats. ISO/IEC 19794-2 format is an international standard support by many of the leading biometric reader manufacturers. After much research, we decided to swap our default standard from Secugen format to ISO. The v13 was launched in November incorporating a Secugen reader in ISO mode. timeware® 2018  allows the user to enrol fingers in ISO or the older Secugen mode for downwards compatibility.

This slight change of direction created a great opportunity - the ability to choose another ISO compatible bio reader as a solution for external installations.

Suprema was chosen as a quality vendor and their W2 model due to its IK08 and IP67 ratings.

We also took the opportunity to redesign the t8-0380. Its successor, the t13-0380 is more robust and easier to install. With a loud internal sounder, tactile keypad with a high visibility LED this new design is perfect for internal installations and limited external installations (with weatherproof cover).

The ISO format is here to stay and timeware® is committed to working alongside Secugen and Suprema for the foreseeable future. Our Secugen solution provides a low cost internal installation option, whilst our Suprema solution provides a more robust, waterproof option for harsher environments at a higher price.