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timeware® v13...

The v13 is our flagship product and is the perfect device for customers that require more than simple clocking in/out and the basic business in/out and end of shift functions.

The v13 will be available in just one model which incorporates a Suprema bio reader that is compatible with the Suprema device range and a timeware® format proximity reader. The v13 has been installed by timeware® for over a year now and has undergone many updates and minor re-designs to ensure its reliability before we launch to the partners in November 2018. We imagine that you would choose to promote a v13 to customers that require a flexitime solution that displays balances at the attendance point, customers that have special customisation requirements or customers that simply need a job costing or cost centring device.

Remember that the v13 allows users to check holiday entitlement or to request holidays or check rotas. However, an increasing number of timeware® customers are placing PCs in break areas and canteens which provide access to the ESS so the need to access this information at the attendance point is not required. We are currently developing the Mobile ESS, with a scheduled release date of November 2019, which would offer yet another option to the timeware® employee self service feature.

Q. When should you promote a v13?

A. When the customer needs a flexitime balance displayed at the attendance point.

A. When you want to sell a unique product available only from your company.

A. When your customer requires some type of customisation at the attendance point.

A. When your customer requires job costing or cost centring.

Finally, you might be interested to hear that we have already begun planning the v14 terminal which we hope to launch in November 2020.  The software developed for the v13 runs perfectly on the new platform, the MinnowBoard Turbot Dual-Core, which although having a similar form size to the Raspberry Pi 3, has a much faster Dual-core Intel® Atom™ E3826 processor.


Device: timeware® v13

Use: Attendance

Rating: No IP rating

Location: Offices

Users: 5,000

Records: 90,000

Prox: Various

Standard features include:

Business in / business out

End of shift

Additional employee self-service (ESS) features include:

Rota display

Hours worked balance

Holiday entitlement balance request

Holiday request / cancellation

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