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timeware® roadmap update…

Are you interested in what’s happening at timeware® (UK) Ltd?

We keep a ‘timeware® roadmap’ regularly updated on to remind the Partners (and ourselves!), exactly what we are working on, on a weekly basis.

1. Hardware

timeware® 2018

v10 upgrade kits discontinued

v10 industrial terminal discontinued


timeware® 2019

v12 terminals discontinued

Launch of v13 attendance based terminals

timeware® office terminal

timeware® industrial terminal

Launch of v13 access based terminals

timeware® access control terminal

timeware® fire alarm terminal

timeware® assembly point terminal

timeware® IDS terminal


timeware® 2020

v10 access terminals discontinued


timeware® 2025

All legacy NMD3 terminals no longer supported


2. Software

timeware® 2018

GDPR module


timeware® 2019

Enquiry 2.0

Return to work

Fire alarm module

Workplace pension


timeware® 2022

Launch of Toronto platform