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timeware’s® infinitely better in the North-East…

To say that North East Time Recorders have achieved so much in a relatively short time would be a massive understatement.   Becoming a timeware® associate partner as recently as 2011 has meant that the sales, support and installation teams at NETR have had to absorb an enormous amount of technical detail about the timeware brand whilst continuing to supply and service their impressive customer base which is primarily spread across the North-East of England.
Chris Routledge, Managing Director of North East Time Recorders said, ‘The timeware® brand was recommend to me by a colleague from within the industry that had been working with Simon for over twenty years.   We had been looking for something new that could provide a ‘next-level’ solution as our existing PC-linked product  was suffering from a lack of development and as a result was becoming rather stale!’  Chris added, ‘After meeting Simon and his team, we began a series of system trials and before long it was evident that we had made the correct choice of system provider.   Re-branding the timeware® product as ‘Infinity’ has given us unique identity in the marketplace.’
Simon Birchall, MD of timeware® (UK) Ltd said, ‘The NETR team are extremely dedicated, attending all technical workshops and quickly learning  as much as we can teach them about the timeware® Professional product.  I am extremely happy that Chris is committed to timeware® and would like to add that my team are totally committed to assisting NETR in providing unique solutions for each of their customers’