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Suprema integration partner event in Korea…

It was an honour to be invited to Suprema’s Partner event held in PyeongChang last December.

Mike Coope and Matt Wilkinson travelled over 8000 km to the event which provided to a great opportunity to meet other Suprema partners from around the world and to view the latest product releases.

The most significant product from timeware’s perspective was the FaceLite which is due to be launched in the UK around March this year. This face recognition terminal has a smaller form-factor than the larger FaceStation 2 and is better suited for internal access control installations.

The event also gave timeware® a fantastic opportunity to showcase our software and provide our Korean hosts with a more detailed overview of how Suprema has become part of the timeware® eco-system.


Jamie McMillen talking about Suprema access control.
Jamie McMillen talking about Suprema access control.