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Suprema FaceStation 2...

True integrating with a face recognition device is another new feature to look forward to on timeware® 2019.

We have installed a FaceStation 2 at the timeware® offices and at a care home in South Wales and the performance is very fast. It is almost as fast as using a proximity card!

We think that the FaceStation 2 is the ideal device for high-end customers in an office or health service style location. The FaceStation is very fast and contactless. Remember that this device also support business in/out and end of shift.

The FaceStation’s capacity is well specified supporting over 3000 users and 50,000 records. It’s worth noting that timeware’s® emergency recover feature works with this device.

Please note that this device is not IP rated and can only be installed inside a building. Also note that if your customer requires access control, any external readers would have to be fingerprint.

timeware® 2019 allows multiple bio templates against each user so mixing the technologies is ok, just remember that you would need to enrol each users twice: once for face and once for finger.

Q. When should you promote a FaceStation 2?

A. When cross contamination may be an issue.

A. When your customer requires a high-end product.


Device: Suprema FaceStation 2

Use: Attendance / Internal access

Rating: No IP rating

Location: Offices

Users: 3,000

Records: 50,000

Prox: Various

Standard features include:

Business in / business out

End of shift