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Suprema BioLite N2...

Indoor/Outdoor IP Fingerprint Terminal

Suprema BioLite N2 is a Suprema’s 2nd generation outdoor fingerprint terminal that provides comprehensive access control and time attendance features based on Suprema’s latest biometric technology and security platform.

BioLite N2 provides class-leading performance and security by featuring Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled with world’s best fingerprint sensor. Packed in a rugged IP67 housing, BioLite N2 added flexibility in system design with multi-class RFID reading technology.

Q. When should you promote a BioLite N2?

A. When a new customer does not require customisation at the attendance point.

A. When the existing customer uses proximity.

A. When an existing customer wants to upgrade to biometrics.


Device: Suprema BioLite N2

Use: Attendance / Internal / external access

Rating: IP67

Location: Anywhere!

Users: 9,000

Records: 1,000,000

Prox: Various

Standard features include:

Business in / business out

End of shift