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Suprema access control devices...

As we continue to move away from NMD3 hardware the next obvious decision was to incorporate Suprema access control into the timeware® application.  timeware® 2020 sees the introduction of the device manager which enables timeware® users to access the full potential of Suprema’s substantial range of access control devices. Below is the range of access control compatible devices.

Suprema access control configuration...

To assist with each access installation, we have developed a PSU which can provide power for two Suprema devices, (master and slave), along with the mag-lock or electric strike.  The PSU also incorporates a Suprema Secure I/O 2 unit which provides secure door control via encrypted communication.

timeware® will continue to support the v10 access control unit for the foreseeable future.

And much more...

Many other great features have been included in timeware® 2020.  The development notes starting on page 20 outline each modification in detail and the accompanying videos on our YouTube Partner channel offer further help to techies new to the timeware® universe.

timeware® 2020 supports devices running the NMD3 Tokyo platform which is very important as we move away from NMD3 designed hardware whilst still providing a devices capable supporting job costing and cost centre analysis.

Finally, we have also integrated Suprema’s FaceLite device into this version, providing you with a face recognition solution for those price sensitive projects!