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Step 5: Policy commisioning…


From personnel import...

The successful implementation of the policy commissioning stage is crucial. The technician uses their pre installation notes to complete this task as any mistakes could adversely affect the way in which the timeware®system performs.    We would typically spend up to 3 days commissioning the system although larger projects can sometimes take up to 10 days for effective configuration.

The policy commissioning is the implementation of all the customer’s rules that have been identified from the pre install. It will require the system implantation specialist to setup relevant modules, notifications, exports and reports that is required for the project.

Duration: dependant on system size, between 1 and 3 days.


to software customisation implementation...

During the policy commissioning we typically complete:

  1. Personnel Import
  2. Setup of Period Schedules
  3. Setup of Daily Schedule
  4. Setup of Absence entitlement and absence reasons
  5. Configure User permissions setup Users
  6. Terminal policy setup
  7. Remuneration policy setup
  8. Any software customisation Implementation

Depending on the requirements identified, there may be Import and export tools the technician uses to bulk upload data or extract data required from other systems such as sage to make the installation of the new timeware® system more efficient. During the policy commission we want the system to be full installed and setup ready to pass over to the customer for our training phase and on site support.