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Step 1: Pre installation meeting…


The more time spent with the customer, the better the results.

This meeting is attended by a member of the implementation team and the bio enrolment specialist.

The Project Management team send the customer a document called ‘Preparing for you pre installation meeting’, which outlines all of the major points of discussion to be addressed during the pre-installation meeting. The implementation technician then follows the pre-installation document discussing IT requirements, Personnel polices, Attendance work patterns including overtime rules. Absence management policies are discussed and the technician interprets how the customer intends to use the system. At this stage, the technician would also discuss in detail bespoke scripts, exports and reports and produce a programming specification for the development team.

The bio enrolment specialist is also present for part of the meeting for two reasons: to explain how the enrolment of all the staff should take place and to identify the different nationalities working at the company to help him provide the necessary flyers in the relevant languages.

Duration: up to 6 hours.