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Step 1: Demonstration…

With the introduction of Suprema integration in timeware® 2019, the way in which we are able to demonstrate the timeware® product changed considerably.

Prior to 2019, the main focus was the software, but the introduction of Suprema hardware allows us to show a world-class, robust, hardware solution and discuss its merits as a key part of the overall demonstration.

The demonstration is one of the three ‘pre-order’ events, the second being the site survey and the third being an optional customisation meeting. Both are covered on pages 14-16.

The demonstration is initiated by the customer and we never provide a quotation before we’ve discussed their exact requirements as there are now far too many variables to predict an accurate figure. 

We feel that the duration of the demonstration is very important and we aim to complete this in under two hours.

We qualify what the customer wishes to discuss and ensure that the laptop has an up-to-date test database populated with the correct number of employees and some interesting customisation points. Including good ‘Return to work’, ‘overtime authorisation’ and ‘absence form event scripts’ always triggers further discussion which in turn may lead to valuable customisation orders.

We always take copies of the latest sales brochure and the previous two copies of the timelines magazine.

Duration: approx’ 2 hours.

The demo is broken into four parts:

Brief timeware® backstory

Explain that timeware® is a wholly owned UK company with all development taking place in the UK by full-time employees.

Mention that over 30% of our customers have been using timeware® for over 15 years.

Mention that we are a Suprema Integration Partner and Sage Development Partner.

Product demo

Demonstrate the personal, absence management and attendance modules and then exporting and reporting. Take care to highlight the customisation points. Explain about the bio enrolment procedure, mentioning and the multi-language support.

Project plan overview

Describe how the implementation of the system would be handled from the initial pre-installation meeting through to the post install.

After sales support

Discuss timeware® managed service. Mention the timeware® community support site: Briefly explain how the customer would log a fault or make a change request. Mention the customer care calls and site visits and quarterly timelines magazine.