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Six of the best...

The timeware® technical support team is growing and the average age is dropping!

In September we welcomed the latest addition to the team, William Plumpton. Will was born in 2003, which makes him just 16 years old and he joined us straight from school following his GCSE exams. He is currently working in Support Team 2 under Team Leader Matt Wilkinson.

William brings the number of support technicians to seven and has been given a target date of March 2021 where he will be expected to spend three weeks per month in the office processing seven calls per day and one week per month ‘on the road’ visiting customer’s sites completing SLA upgrades.

He has a great amount to learn during the run-up to this date plus he has to learn to drive!

So no pressure Will!


Support Team Leader 1, Nathan Beverage


Support Team Leader 2, Matt Wilkinson


Support Technician, Oliver Boulton


Support Technician, Harry Archer


Support Technician, Zack Dawson


Support Technician, William Plumpton