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Providing a better service without losing technical staff from support...


Karl Briggs, timeware® customer care and Gary Dow from Davidsons Brothers

We have recently experimented in sending non-technical customer care staff to sites where clients had been complaining about poor service, slow response from support or who were generally unhappy with their timeware® system.

The results have been very interesting. On three occasions we have sent Karl Briggs to client’s sites to discuss their concerns. Now Karl would be the first to admit that his technical expertise can be pushed to its limits by his Dolce Gusto coffee machine, but in these somewhat confrontational situations, Karl’s customer relationship background has prevailed and what started off as a potential loss has been resolved by his ‘turn that frown upside down’ attitude.

Producing a report on his visit, sharing the information with the support team and taking ownership of the problem through to its resolution is what customer care is all about!