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Project Toronto phase one arrives in 2020…

The countdown clock is ticking and the race is on to complete project Toronto by 2023.  November of this year will see the release of phase one which incorporates a new service called the 'Device Agent'. This new service will replace both the Enquiry Agent and the Data Collection Agent and is being designed to provide an interface with both legacy NMD3 and Suprema devices.  The terminal configuration option will be removed from the main timeware® application and the agent will include a user interface called the Device Manager which will be based on the terminal configuration screen.

Creating this Device Agent will enable us to communicate with the Suprema devices in the way Suprema originally intended and will among other things, allow us to ‘listen’ for events such as Door Forced and Door Ajar.  Completing the Device Agent will allow us to introduce Suprema devices in the access control side of timeware® without the need for the v10 Access Control Unit.