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Project Toronto: Laying the foundations of a platform that will take us into the 2020’s…

The current version of timeware®, timeware® 2018, is based on a product that we started developing in January 2000.  This product was called timeware® 6, it was our first product to utilise SQL and was designed as a replacement for our highly successful 1990’s product: timeware® 5.

The core of this development is becoming dated and harder to support so we recently made the decision to begin a massive re-design.  We have now started work on Project Toronto. This is a four year development that will see timeware® completely re-written as a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application in C# which in turn, will make the development of the app easier to manage as the coding team grows. WPF apps also provide improved User Interface (UI) customisation & graphics, giving as greater opportunities for a fresh-new look as we approach the 2020’s.

Due to this development there will be a reduction in major new software features although we hope the improved hardware range will keep customer revenue flowing during this period.