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Project management overview…


WRIKE project planning software is an essential application at the heart of the timeware® projects team.

The past two years have seen a major development in the way timeware® (UK) Ltd handles project management. The projects team are no longer responsible for organising annual SLA upgrades – that is now the responsibility of the customer care team. The projects team have been tasked with the job of coordinating all large existing customer system upgrades, existing customer expansions and one of our new business development strategies: timeware® feature awareness training for UK based Genetec partners.

The team consists of two staff members: Liz Broadhurst and Mike Coope, both long serving employees, both with differing skill sets.

The team, ’Projects’, are passed all new enquiries and plan demonstrations, site surveys, produce quotations and plan the pre-installation meetings along with every process through to post-install.

timeware® (UK) Ltd currently has the capacity to process up to twenty large projects per year and it is the Project team’s responsibility to ensure that every job is handled correctly within planned time-scales.

Projects use two cloud-based applications which they strongly recommend to all partners: Wrike, for company-wide collaboration and project management and Quotient, a super-intuitive online quoting package. Both app’s have been in use now for over five years and have proved invaluable in the day-to-day running of the department.