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An overview of the standard support level, SLA 2...

Mike, what’s the arrangement for customers with an SLA2 global assist agreement… 

The most important feature of the SLA2 agreement is the annual software upgrade. The knock-on effect of this benefit is immense as the support team are only having to remember the features of the last two versions.

I spend the majority of my time organising the annual upgrades, however this is made easier by each customer agreeing to an upgrade month at the point of installation. I simply contact them two months prior to arrange the exact upgrade dates. Each customer is also allocated a field technician which again makes the planning much easier. The four field technicians are aware of what work they will be completing for any month of the year – it’s a system that work extremely well!

The annual support spend range for SLA2 customers varies depending on the quantity of hardware they have installed. The larger SLA2 customers are multi-site and therefore multi terminal.

With access control accounting for some 40% of terminal sales there are now several sites that have in excess of 100 attendance and access terminals. 

SLA2 customers have been our core-business for the past 10 years and have been instrumental in the success of the timeware® enduser business. 


SLA2: from £517.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs.
All the features of SLA1.
A pre-arranged site visit to upgrade software and firmware and to provide product awareness training.
Breakdown of Global Assist Agreement cost
Touchscreen terminal
2 x £191/pa
Fire alarm monitor