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An overview of the enhanced support level, SLA 3...

Mike, if customers with SLA2 global assist agreements are your core business, that what is an SLA3?

SLA3 is the next level. Think for a moment:  the majority of received support calls are due to configuration errors – incorrect daily schedules, wrong overtime thresholds, even incorrect absence reference codes affecting system customisation features.

Why not eliminate these calls by not allowing the customer to make the changes in the first place. Instead of making changes to daily schedule, the customer’s timeware® administrator emails a daily schedule change request to their managed service contact in timeware® support. That person then make the change (with full testing), within  the agreed change request timescale.

The end result is a happier customer (with fewer errors), a happier support department (with fewer support calls) and happier field technicians that no longer need to carry-out administrator training, just how to submit a change request.

The cost to the customer for an SLA3 currently ranges from £2,000 /pa to £10,000/pa. These figures are based on the system size an complexity of system customisation. With access control accounting for some 40% of terminal sales there are now several sites that have in excess of 100 attendance and access terminals.



SLA3: Costs determined by scope of required managed services.
All the features of SLA2.
A complete managed timeware® service.
Breakdown of Global Assist Agreement cost
Touchscreen terminal
2 x £191/pa
Managed service