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An overview of the basic support level, SLA 1...

Mike, please describe a typical customer with an SLA1 global assist agreement…

SLA1 customers fall into three distinct types, two of which are legacy and one which is current.

The first legacy type are customers that are running timestart, a product that we manufactured from 1993 to around 2002 but apparently works forever! There is no annual charge for this type of customer because there are never any day-to-day problems.  We send timelines magazines to this group of customer and make customer care calls on a quarterly basis. We are slowly converting this group to full timeware® users.

The second legacy type are running older versions of timeware® with old attendance or access terminals that are not supported by the current software. These customers are only paying for software support as we did not offer any type of hardware support until  the launch of the v10 back in 2010. This type of customer could be a 90 employee business with just one terminal running timeware® 2009 or a 250 employee business with eight terminals running timeware® 2013. In both cases the support would be software only at £517/pa.

The final type of customer in this category uses current software and post v9 hardware with a support value of less than around £900/pa. These customers are usually two or three versions of software old and would only have one terminal and possibly a fire alarm monitor. If this type of customer was to expand to include and additional terminal or an access controlled door, they would automatically be upgraded to SLA2 status.

Roadshows and timelines articles are the way promote the idea of system upgrades to these customers. 



SLA1: from £517.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs
Unlimited telephone support.
Hardware cover on all itemised hardware (excluding vandalism).
Monthly customer care call.
Breakdown of Global Assist Agreement cost
Legacy terminal
Not supported