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Our timeware® agent in Cameroon…

As part of our business expansion program in Africa, we have recently appointed a timeware® agent in the Central African Country of Cameroon. Reporting to visisure (West Africa), this agent will be responsible for promoting timeware® attendance and access control primarily in the city of Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital.

Hello Mesape, please tell us a little about yourself and your background

‘My name is Mesape Sube, (born December 14, 1976), and I’m married to Claris Batey Mesape.  We have four children and we live in Douala, Cameroon. I am a holder of a BSc in Natural Sciences, EMBA in Strategic Management, I studied Aviation Management in Zurich – Switzerland. I worked as an Assistant Airport Manager for Swiss International Airlines in Cameroon, Airport Manager for South African Airways in Cameroon, Director of Operations at Cargo Airways in Cameroon, Country Manager with Cameroon Airlines Corporation (CAMAIR-CO) in The Republic of Benin, I was also the Country Manager in Ghana for Amadeus Marketing Ghana Ltd, and I am now the Founder & CEO, MECLA COMPANY LIMITED.

Mecla Company Ltd, established in January 2018, provides IT products and solutions (software) services in partnership with visisure (West Africa) under the grand patronage of timeware® UK. Mecla Company Ltd. provides customers with an exemplary

uninterrupted service via a high level quality and professional products & Solutions, and a commitment to client satisfaction. In this region, Mecla Company Ltd has identified but not limited to the following industries with which she works directly or indirectly; Aviation, Information Technology (IT), Petroleum Exploitation, Forestry & Timber Exploitation, and Agro Industry.’

Why are you interested in working with timeware®?

‘timeware® has numerous useful modules Personnel, Absence Management, Access Control. With the correct technology, processes & procedures, one can effectively manage his/her workforce for optimal performance and lowered costs. It is not just about making schedules. timeware® is a highly automated process that enables management to have the required data to make informed decisions. Workers are our biggest asset! But not only are they critical to our day-to-day operations, they’re also our biggest competitive advantage. In this highly competitive market, it is vital that we have the best workers on staff being as productive as possible in order to stay profitable now and in the future. With timeware®, one can manage performance and and make substantial improvements through training, rewards, and feedback
to ensure that our greatest assets are happy and productive in their employment. Managing our workforce correctly is more critical now than ever. timeware® will help get more out of less. We are faced with serious challenges managing our workforce within our region. While special software is commonly used in numerous areas such as accounting, the management of the workforce is still handled using spreadsheet programs or time recording. This often results in expensive overtime, non-productive idle times, high fluctuation rates etc. By using timeware® solution for demand oriented workforce management, planners can optimize staffing by creating schedules that at all times conform to the forecasted requirements.

timeware® workforce management solutions are second to none!’

M. Sube