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New Suprema promo videos…

Six new promotional videos have been created for us by NoFilter, a multimedia company based in Manchester. These videos cover the current range of Suprema equipment including the FaceStation 2, BioLite N2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, timeware® v13 (incorporating the Suprema Slim bio reader) and the XPass D2 range of proximity readers. The videos have been submitted to our community channel and appear via links in our online quotation system, quotationApp.

If you are interested in talking to NoFilter about creating your own promotional videos, Phil Cooper can be contacted on +44 (0)7828 034336.


timeware® – Suprema FaceStation 2


timeware® – Suprema BioEntry P2


timeware® – Suprema BioLite N2


timeware® – Suprema BioEntry W2


timeware® – Suprema XPass D2