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New member of staff...


Trainee timeware® field technician Joe Warren.

Business is extremely good at the moment and it is essential that we continue to build a strong team to take is forward into the 2020’s. Our latest recruit is Joe Warren who has been employed as a trainee field technician.

Joe comes from a textile manufacturing background and approached timeware® after his friend Harry Archer had described how much he enjoyed working for the company. Joe is currently completing a six month training program that sees him working alongside other field technicians as he learns how to install hardware and software and how to complete SLA upgrades and feature awareness training. One of Joes first jobs was being a member of the bio enrolment team at Cranswick plc responsible for the enrolment of 1000+ staff fingerprints over a 10 day period.

timeware® are committed to providing the best service possible for each and everyone of the end users and trade partners. It is essential that we continually evolve as a business and ensure that all staff are fully trained, extremely competent and dedicated to providing customers with the best timeware® experience possible.