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New feature – Implementing dashboards and reports…

The dashboard and report viewer is the latest addition to the collection of timeware® Professional applications.

This new app provides us with the opportunity to present information generated by timeware® to a new category of user that may not currently have timeware® installed on their PC.

Increasing the number of people ‘touched’ by timeware® at each of our customer’s sites can only help strengthen the client/installer relationship and ultimately increase customer longevity.

This is how timeware® UK propose to implement the dashboard and report viewer application:

  1. The app will be installed on each timeware® client during an annual SLA upgrade by a support technician.

  2. The app will be mentioned in the ‘new feature awareness training’ following the SLA upgrade and the support technician will explain that a customer liaison officer will be in touch to organise a more detailed explanation if required.

  3. During the next customer care call cycle (approx. every 6 weeks), the Customer Liaison Officer will speak to the customer about the new feature, forwarding a .PDF containing some examples dashboards and inform the Head of Customer Care if any interest is shown.

  4. The Head of Customer Care will organise a Teams Meeting between an Implementation Specialist and the Customer.

  5. If the Customer wishes to proceed with the installation of the dashboard and report viewer, the Head of Customer Care will schedule on of the support team to carry out the install.

What’s next for this feature?...

The development team will be releasing new dashboards and reports on a regular basis in preparation for the launch of timeware® Professional 2023 when access to all legacy reports generated by Crystal Reports will cease.

All existing reports are being replicated on the new platform and will make full use of the new technology, ranges and sort orders. Exporting is available as standard on all reports which means that a separate export module will no longer be required.

A new range of dashboards and reports are currently being designed with assistance from timeware® end users with specialist knowledge in HR and Finance.

We will be posting updates to the dashboard and report developments on the Partner support site,

Remember that Partners wanting to design their own dashboard can do so by using the Dashboard designers supplied with timeware® Professional 2021. There are several tutorials available on YouTube: simply search for DevExpress Dashboards and away you go!

Example personnel dashboards...

Example absence management dashboards...

Example attendance dashboards...