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t13-7030 mobile biometric terminal

What did we do when a major client asked if we could provide a reliable mobile biometric attendance solution that runs off a battery and communicates via a 3G router, and that the battery should last at least 24 hours?

We did what we do best and Invented something, of course! Bilfinger UK is a leading provider of engineering, automation and maintenance services to industrial clients across the UK and has been a timeware® customer for many years.

During a routine SLA 2 upgrade we were asked if we could provide a mobile, battery powered solution for sites where a large number of staff, (500+), would be working for a short period of time. Our recent collaboration with Suprema has provided us with several new options for product development.

The Suprema BioNet Lite biometric reader has a small LCD screen with a date and time display with a level of power consumption ideal for a battery powered project. Linked to a 3G router and a 50,000 mA/h battery housed within a robust aluminium enclosure, this new timeware® product passed it’s beta tests and was approved and signed off by the client.