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Mike Coope describes a workflow analysis meeting…

Mike Coope, timeware® project manager describes a workflow analysis meeting…

What is a workflow analysis meeting?

It’s simply a discussion between the timeware® project management team and the main timeware® users where each aspect of the timeware® system is discussed to identify any potential areas of improvement.

The workflow analysis meeting is the first step towards eliminating errors and reducing bottlenecks by introducing automated processes.

In the meeting we ask the customer to explain in detail  their  business methods and procedures relating to personnel, absence management, attendance, payroll and any manual connections to other computer applications.

Ultimately we produce a report outlining our observations and we make a number of recommendations on ways that the customer can improve their methods and procedures by utilising standard and customised features within timeware®.

For example, we may discuss how ‘new-starter’ information is gathered and keyed into the personnel module. In this instance we could suggest that the new employee completes the form on a tablet and that a custom script would enable timeware® to ‘grab’ this data to populate the personnel database without requiring an operator to key-in the form.

What areas do you normally cover?

This really depends on which modules the customer is currently using. Most customers are using the personnel, absence management and attendance modules along with reports and exports. The majority of the improvements have an impact on these modules.

What benefits are to be gained from a workflow analysis meeting?

It’s a no-brainer! It’s yet another way of ensuring the customer is happy with their investment in timeware®. Remember, happy customers always pay their yearly support fees.

Do you charge for this meeting?

Absolutely not. No matter where the customer is based. We have flown to Aberdeen and driven to Dorset to complete these types of meetings.