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A little bit of history (part 4 of 4)...

The final chapter (so far) in the company archives bringing us right up to date to 2018.  This final period has seen a massive radical change in the performance and development of the company and its products:

Part 4 of 4: 2009 – 2018 The second golden age…


All of the major British time management companies are back promoting their own re-branded versions of timeware®.




t9-0230 USB proximity card registration device
t9-0230 USB proximity card registration device

New feature includes:

Released desktop registration proximity reader. No need to key in 10 digit badge numbers.

Total of 6200 timeware® systems installed.




v12 office terminal
v12 office terminal

Launch of v11 terminal with a full-colour touch-screen. This development pushed the boundaries of our z80 based development to its limits. It became obvious a change of processor was required for the next stage of the hardware development.

New feature includes:

New camera option that lets you use any USB webcam to take employee photos. (take a photo via webcam and add them directly into personnel).



Launch of v13 terminal incorporating the Tokyo platform. This is the first product to incorporate the Raspberry PI ARM PCB.

Suprema biometric adopted as new standard.

v12 technology discontinued in December

Total of 6800 timeware® systems installed.