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A little bit of history (part 3 of 4)...

A little bit of history… 

Further delving into the company archives to bring you the next installment! Now this was a strange time period! Through the millennium and into the 21st Century… 

Part 3 of 4: 2002 – 2008 The dark ages…


Major release of timeware® 6, supporting SQL and MS Access database formats.

Total of 5500 timeware® systems installed.




v9 angled terminal

Move from Brookfield Grange.

Nathan Price becomes Technical Director, (whilst retaining position of senior programmer) timeware®

‘angled’ terminal released.

Anviz biometric reader module chosen, then dropped by timeware®.

Total of 5600 timeware® systems installed.




v10 office terminal

Secugen OEM module chosen as timeware’s® preferred biometric solution. This would remain timeware’s® preferred solution until 2019.


Secugen OEM biometric reader




timeware® professional 2008

New product naming strategy introduced. Each year the company plans to release an improved software version and give the product a year suffix.

timeware® 2008 released in January, future versions to be launched each November.

Total of 5800 timeware® systems installed.