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A little bit of history (part 1 of 4)...

A little bit of history… 

As we are only months away from the launch of the Tokyo terminal, I thought it would be interesting to update the history of the life of timeware® and to remind everyone how we started, including the development of both the hardware and software. timeware® has been a truly overnight success, well an eventual success taking over 11,300+ days! 

Part 1 of 4: 1986 – 1993 The early years…


Simon Birchall (current MD) & Peter Konnanov (current Chairman) meet at textile manufacturers ‘John Cockcroft & Sons Ltd in Todmorden Lancashire’

NMD (Northwest Micro-Design) partnership is formed.


The original schematic from John Cockcroft & Sons Ltd that led to the original idea of timeware®
The original schematic from John Cockcroft & Sons Ltd that led to the original idea of timeware®




timemaster terminal
timemaster terminal

TAS (Time and Attendance System) was designed.

Software written in DIBOL for a digital equipment PDP11/73 mini computer

timemaster terminal developed incorporating magnetic-strip reader.

Communicated with computer using RS232 (no networks in 1986!)

First system installed



The timeware® name is first used as a product name: (lowercase logo idea copied from digital equipment logo):


timeware® II released (first PC based application in black and white)

NMD multiplexer designed to allow more than one timemaster to be connected to a PC RS232 port.

timemaster II terminal introduced (simple metal enclosure)

David Morris, owner of Autotime Systems becomes the worlds first timeware® dealer

Total of 25 timeware®  systems installed


timeware ® II
timeware ® II


timemaster II terminal
timemaster II terminal




timemaster III terminal
timemaster III terminal

timeware® III released (second PC application)

UK distributor network created

Colour support introduced

timemaster III terminal introduced (plastic enclosure)

timemaster Junior introduced (links to serial printer)

Total of 50 timeware® systems installed