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Eleven new development notes videos detailing recent development. Subscribe to the timeware® partner channel for the latest updates...

Reference Explanation Date Completed
190823 Added support for Suprema ‘FaceLite’ device. Fri 23/08/2019
190913 Updated DevExpress components to latest version. This provides the latest security updates and enhancements. Fri 13/09/2019
190920 Added ability to add ‘Description’ to a ‘Cardholder’ within Genetec. Fri 20/09/2019
190923a Static register reasons are now sorted by description. Mon 23/09/2019
190923b Added new ‘Training Matrix’ export. Clearly shows training that is required, expired or not undertaken. Mon 23/09/2019
190923c The ‘Actual Absence Time Taken’ report did not convert to decimal when the option was chosen in the properties. Mon 23/09/2019
190923d The ‘Pay Period Totals (Short)’ export sometimes did not display the rates in the headers. Mon 23/09/2019
190924a Integration with Genetec Security Centre. Updated to have the option to be hardware agnostic and import doors and door events out of Genetec. Tue 24/09/2019
190924b Added new ‘Absence Listing (Approved Only)’ report. Tue 24/09/2019
190924c Added new ‘Terminal Listing’ export. This is to help identify which terminals an employee can use at a quick glance. Tue 24/09/2019
190926 On Suprema devices, Fingerprint enrolment at the device: If just one finger in enrolled, then the template is now duplicated instead of being ignored. If more than two fingers are enrolled then the first two templates will be taken instead of being ignored. Thu 26/09/2019