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It's 2019 and timeware® is growing…


The latest member of the timeware® support team, Aaron Whitlam.
The latest member of the timeware® support team, Aaron Whitlam.

I have mentioned many times before about the importance we put on the bio-enrolment phase of any project and with the steady increase in enterprise class installations the decision was made to expand the support team to incorporate an employee whose primary role was bio enrolment.

Aaron Whitlam joined the support team in January and spent most of the month on-site at Cranswick plc Milton Keynes, enrolling employee and contractor fingerprints. The enrolment process involved attending site at the start or end of each shift. The project planning team worked with the customer to build an enrolment schedule ensuring that all groups of employees and contractors were processed. To provide the best service possible means that we have to be prepared to visit the site at any time of the day, on any day of the week. Aaron’s role is definitely not a 9 to 5 job!

Once the bio-enrolment phase is completed, we then begin the bio-testing phase. This is very important because we then prove that each fingerprint uniquely identifies the employee or contractor as the Suprema device compares their fingerprint against all those registered.

I cannot stress highly enough the importance that the bio-enrolment and bio-testing phases have on the overall project. Implementing a biometric system smoothly and effectively requires the backing of all people involved, from the part-time staff to the board of directors. As each employee experiences how accurate and efficient the Suprema device functions, their faith in the system and trust in the overall solution will make the implementation much easier.