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An introduction to timeware® support...

Matt, please could you explain what the support team does?
The team provide a telephone support service with the main aim of ensuring that any customer problems are resolved in the minimum amount of time. The role is primarily office based, but certain tasks, for example Server moves require a site visit.

How many people are in the timeware® support team and what are the hours of operation?
There are currently three staff: Tom Acton, Nathan Beveridge and myself. Nathan Beveridge also provides managed service support. The support lines are answered between 8:30 and 17:30, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. We provide full support from the offices over the Christmas period.

How does timeware® deal with customers that have outdated hardware?
One of the interesting points that frequently arises is hardware redundancy. The development team ”phase-out’ support for certain hardware and so when we begin planning a client’s upgrade, there is a chance that some of their older equipment is no longer supported. In some cases, when the customer has been paying a large charge for several years, we provide the replacement hardware free of charge as an act of good will. It is the sales team’s job to offer a hardware upgrade option at the right price.

What applications do you use in the support department?
We use a cloud based service management software solution called vivantio ( to log each call. Partners and managed service customers can log calls directly into the software but the majority of customers call in on the support telephone line and their calls are manually logged by the support staff.

We use TeamViewer ( to create remote support sessions which in turn allow us to access the customers PCs when required.

Both of these apps ’ are invaluable and I would strongly recommend them to the timeware® Partners!