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An introduction to timeware® customer care...

Charlotte, please could you explain what the customer care team does?
Customer care is the friendly face of timeware®! I work closely with each customer to ensure that they feel important and part of a big timeware® community. I’m responsible for making customer care calls, for issuing training certificates, issuing annual support agreements and distributing the quarterly timelines newsletter. I am also the person that customers turn to if they are unhappy with any aspect of the company or the product. In these rare situations, I act as a middle-man between the client and support to ensure the outstanding issues are resolved promptly.

How many people are in your team?
I am a team of one! I work part time, 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

What is a customer care call and how frequently are they made?
All customers receive a customer care call approximately every six weeks. The call reminds the client that we are available and interested in the smooth running of the system. timeware® have been making this type of call since 2002 and I am convinced that they are a contributing factor in cementing a great relationship with each client.

How often do you send out the timelines magazine and what is the circulation?
All customers receive the timelines magazine every three months in November, February, May and August. The circulation varies each quarter but we normally post over 2,000 each time. The timelines are sent to several recipients at each customer and is a reminder that we are still around and available to discuss any aspect of the system.

What is the customer’s general reaction to the magazine?
The magazine is a great selling tool generating enquires on a weekly basis. The majority of SLA1 upgrades are triggered by an article in the timelines that has caught someone’s attention. The magazines are often kept by the customers and the technicians report that they have seen them when visiting sites. The more times someone sees the word ”timeware®’, the better!

Can the partners copy the magazine and distribute it to their customers?
Yes! Andy at TA Design helps with images and the magazine format and would be more than happy to work with the timeware® partners to create an alternative timelines for their customers. Andy is available on 01706 861662.