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Introducing Suprema UK...

In April 2018 we organised a meeting with Jamie McMillan, MD of Suprema UK & Ireland to discuss our idea of selecting Suprema biometrics as the new standard for timeware®.  Jamie visited the timeware® offices and spent several hours talking to the Directors about the Suprema product range and discussing the integration work we had already completed for the Cranswick projects. Here are some of the more important points we would like to share:

Jamie, why did you want to work for Suprema?

Having worked in the security industry for nearly 20 years now, and mainly in access control, the technology that I started see coming from Suprema really caught my eye.  The opportunity to join a company that had visions of what the future could be like was something I found really refreshing. Having now been with the company for over 3 years, I am still blown away by the quality, performance and consistently improving speed of the biometric technology we are releasing – it makes every day exciting, and challenges me to present what we have to offer, to an ever growing customer base.

What has been the most impressive development during your time at Suprema?

The recent development and release of our BioStar 2.6 software and hardware, in particular the BioEntry W2, BioLite N2 and FaceStation2, provides unbelievable fingerprint image quality even under extreme environmental conditions. The larger sensor and improved quality of template capture ensure that with both face and finger, Suprema are able to provide some of the fastest and most reliable biometric devices on the market. The company’s new investment in local resource and support has also led to an improvement in our ability to develop far closer relationships with our partners, timeware® being a great example.  Suprema UK being the first of a number of local teams.  France, Germany, Middle East, North and South America have since been added.

Why should timeware® choose Suprema?

In my opinion, the extensive product range and integration possibilities compliment the timeware® software and will give your company, (and its partners), a massive advantage in all of your existing markets. Biometrics is now a permanent feature in world business and aligning timeware® with one of the largest biometric technology companies in the world would be an extremely smart move!

Are there any new developments that may be of interest from an integration perspective?

Whilst the FaceStation 2 is not a brand-new development, I think that it would be worth exploring the possibility of integrating this amazing face recognition terminal to the timeware® software.  This device is ideal for sites where cross- contamination may be an issue or for a more high-end installation where the customer wants something different to fingerprint biometrics. Where can timeware’s® partners purchase Suprema hardware? Suprema hardware is available from Norbain and Mayflex both companies carry good levels of stock and you should expect a delay of no longer than 4 days between ordering, payment and delivery. Data sheets are available from the Suprema website at