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How customisation affects timeware® sales...

Liz, how important is product customisation?

I think it’s safe to say that at least 95% of timeware® users have some form of customisation. The fact that we can provide a unique solution for each customer is a key part of our success. During the seven years that I have worked at timeware®, I have seen a steady increase in the amount of custom development and the revenue generated from this work is essential for the growth of the organisation.

Please explain more...

First you must remember that timeware® demonstrations are carried out by either a field technician or a member of the support team. In our experience, the initial demonstration is not the best place to gather detailed information about the required customisation so we always arrange a follow-up meeting either face-to-face or by phone depending on our perceived complexity of the bespoke work required. Again, in our experience customers appreciate this level of commitment to detail as additional visits help to reinforce the idea that we are a professional company – it also helps to justify the higher charges that we make for customisation work.

What are the charges for customisation?

We currently charge £628 per day for bespoke development with a recurring charge of £161 per year to ensure that the customisation works with future versions of the timeware® software.

Who provides you with a description of the customisation for your quote?

Project planning provide a detailed description and the number of days so I simply copy and paste the information into the quotation software ‘quotient’, (

Do customers ever complain about customisation charges?
Sometimes so occasionally we offer a reduction in the initial charge but always maintain the annual recurring charge.