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How customisation affects the project planning department...

Planning the customisation meeting

Mike, please explain a little more about the planning of the customisation meeting.

If the timeware® specialist identifies the need for a customisation meeting during the demonstration, it is my job to organise the meeting and to ensure the right people attend. I will contact the customer as soon as possible following the demo to organise a suitable date. I always try to make sure that the timeware® specialist that provided the demonstration also completes the customisation meeting. Continuity is always important.

Finding out which people will have the right information for the meeting can take some time but usually it is a member of the HR team and possibly someone from Wages or Payroll. If the project is to include job costing we may also need a member of the production planning team. I work with a main contact at the client to provide timescales for each part of the customisation meeting. No business can afford to have several key –people away from their desks for too long.

As Dave has previously mentioned, I always allow either a half or full day following the meeting for the timeware® specialist to type up their notes. It is important that this report is completed and passed back to me as quickly as possible.

Following the customisation meeting

How do the notes get turned into a chargeable figure?

Once I receive the written customisation notes, I bring these into the 4 p.m. team meeting and Nathan Price will give an estimated number of days to complete the work. Under certain circumstances, Simon may decide to apply a reduction to the costs.

Occasionally Nathan may ask me to obtain additional information from the customer about aspects of the specification that are not very clear. I would speak to the timeware® specialist and then, if necessary, the customer to provide a more accurate description.

Finally, I provide Sales with a description of the customisation to include in the customer’s quotation along with the number of days to complete.

Scheduling the customisation work

Mike, once the order is received by Sales, what happens next?

Liz informs me that the order has been placed and I then book the customisation work into the project management application, Wrike. At this stage the customisation is given a reference code which is used on all future correspondence both internally at timeware® or externally with the customer. Once the customisation is completed, it is held on the server and in the cloud backup. At this stage, the customisation is passed back to the timeware® specialist for further testing. Again, adequate time must be given if this is to be completed correctly.

Planning and preparation is essential. We cannot install a system when the customisation is incomplete.