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How customisation affects the field technicians...

Customisation meeting

Dave, who organises the customisation meeting?

The meeting is triggered by the timeware® specialist that has completed the demonstration. That person would have already informed the customer that a further meeting was required and that someone will be contacting them to arrange a date. When the timeware® specialist returns to the office, they would speak to sales and project planning about the requirements and it would be left to Mike Coope to organise a suitable date with the customer and to identify the correct people that should attend the meeting. It is vitally important that the correct people from the customer’s business attend.

How long does a customisation meeting take?

The longest time I have spent with a customer is one working day. On average, I would say the face-to-face meeting lasts half a day and a meeting over the telephone, no more than one hour.

What points are covered in the customisation meeting?

This is sole dependant on the customisation required. During the meeting it is essential to discuss the requirement in great detail and to draw on experience we have gathered from previous installations. Obtaining an accurate specification is essential.

What happens after the meeting?

The timeware® specialist is always given at least half a day to complete their notes and to prepare a specification for the development team. This time is essential.

Do you make the customer agree to the sign-off the specification?

NO! We use good, old fashioned trust.

Customisation testing…

Dave, how important is the testing stage?

Would you like to drive to Aberdeen and find that the customer’s script wasn’t working properly? I insist on testing all major scripts on my own test system before arriving on site. I refer to my original notes and if there is any doubt about the way the custom work is performing, I pass my concerns back to project management and speak direct with the developers.

Customisation implementation…

Dave, how much additional time is needed to implement the customisation?

Well, the majority of new installs and major upgrades are given three to four days with an overspill day if required. Customisation implementation is generally absorbed into this time and is completed during the software installation or policy commissioning phase.