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Getting everything back in order...

We’re here to help!...

As everyone slowly returns to work over the following weeks, we want to make it known that timeware® customer care is available to help untangle and correct any problems connected to your customer’s timeware® systems that may have occurred as a result of attendance and absence data not being recorded correctly during the lockdown.

The development team have created a number of utilities that your support teams can use to return your customer’s systems to a useable state.

Please call customer care on +44 (0) 1706 658222 and we can arrange a discussion with a timeware® support. If you have any specific requests, please email them to

Charlotte Kavanagh
timeware customer care Administrator.

Mobile Worker free until 31st of December 2020...

With the majority of UK employees now working from home, we have decided to make the timeware® Professional mobile worker app’ available free of charge to all customers currently covered by a timeware® support agreement. This feature can be enabled remotely by the timeware® support team and will operate until 31st December 2020.

Employees can download an app’ directly from the iOS app store or Android play store. Once the mobile feature is enabled, employees are able to make bookings via their mobile device, with all data being stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The host timeware® system then access the cloud at regular intervals to download the booking data.

The mobile worker feature within timeware® Professional enables a manager to check an individual’s location where his attendance booking was made. Utilising a mobile devices GPS signal, it tracks exactly where in the employee ‘clocked in’ and displays them on a map interface within the software. All the locations are stored within the timeware® database so you can reference them in the future.

With a low-cost extremely competitive yearly maintenance charge, the timeware® mobile worker module is sure to provide an affordable solution for businesses looking for effective ways to monitor attendance of remote workers.

Any customers that have already paid for this feature will have an apportioned charge deducted from their next support invoice.

Home working speed improvement...

If you are using timeware® Professional away from your office, there are several steps your IT department can take to ensure that your ‘home working’ experience is smooth, trouble free and more importantly - fast!

Suggestion #1

Remote control applications

There are several applications available to a company which enable a user to connect directly on to a PC or server from anywhere in the world.

As you may be aware, timeware® Support use an application called TeamViewer which allows us to control a customer’s PC when faulting- finding.

The same application is perfect for remote working!

Please note that this type of software is usually licenced, based on concurrent users. Although this may be a short-term expense, it is an extremely reliable and easy to use solution.

Suggestion #2

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The safest method of connecting to your business network is to enable RDP from home.

This will involve some help from your IT team, but it means you can connect directly on to your PC in the office and work on timeware® at exactly the same speed as you would normally!

How you set up the RDP does depend on your IT regulations.

IT may also want to have users RDP on to a terminal server, rather than just the office PC however that will incur license charges from Microsoft for concurrent users.

NOT Recommended

VPN + Local timeware® Install

We strongly advise against attempting to use timeware® when the software is installed on your PC at home and you are connecting across the internet to your work network!

Implementing a staggered attendance policy...

A simple but effective change to keep people safe… Reduce the queue of people around your company’s attendance points by slightly modifying people’s start and finish times. Under your instruction, the timeware® support team can temporarily modify your company work patterns during this time of crisis to assist with social distancing. For example, we could extend your 6am to 2pm shift to include 6:05am to 2:05pm and 6:10am to 2:10pm patterns. We could then split your shift workers into teams and allocate them to the updated patterns. All this work can be completed remotely and with absolutely no cost to your business.

The timeware® support team are available to help with any payroll issues...

With a displaced workforce, payroll can suddenly become a challenging task with staff working from home whilst others remain at work and some unfortunately furloughed.

Producing accurate hours worked reports for your accountant, external payroll provider or simply to export to payroll will be challenging at this difficult time.

Please remember that the timeware® support team are available to help with all payroll processing issues and as you would expect, this work can be completed remotely and with absolutely no cost to your business.

Support cover over bank holidays...

We are extending the terms of our support agreements to include selected bank holidays as businesses begins to return to normal working following the lock down period.

Providing limited home based support staff coverage with office based support admin, the idea is to provide additional time slots to assist companies rebuilding their timeware® systems. This service is being offered with no additional charge and may lead on to bank holiday support being available as standard in the future.

Moving forward, timeware® (UK) Ltd MD, Simon Birchall has outlined plans to extend the standard support opening hours from 6am until 10pm Monday to Friday as the customer base now includes many UK and overseas based 24 hour business operations.