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An EZmount is now available for Suprema + Paxton projects…

Imagine the scenario: A potential customer currently using Paxton access control requires a timeware® solution but doesn’t want the expense of changing their fob technology. In the past, we would have suggested an NMD v12 fitted with a Paxton P38 reader, but now that we are committed to the Suprema product range we had to produce a solution that allowed a Paxton reader to be neatly connected to a Suprema BioLite N2.

The Suprema BioLite N2 supports ‘Wiegand-in’ from an external reader, so with a minor modification to the timeware® application, we were able to offer a technical solution. Next we turned our attention to the installation and wiring of the device and we are pleased to announce that Technical Director, Nathan Price has worked closely with EZmount to design a Perspex wall mount suitable for the Suprema BioLite N2 and the Paxton P50 reader.

Pricing for the new Perspex mount is available from EZmount.