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Project Toronto - timeware® 2023...

What is Toronto? I hear you ask, and why is it so important?

Well Toronto is a long-term project that has been in the planning stages for many, many years - and for some very good reasons!

To explain about the back-story, we have to look at the origins of our core application. timeware® 2019 is based on timeware® 2018 which in turn was based on 17 etc. This relationship stretches right back to the crazy days of timeware® 6 which was initially conceived around 1999 as an SQL alternative to timeware® 5.

Now the coding language used in timeware® 6 was VB6, a cutting edge language which Microsoft had released a year earlier in March 1998. As the years rolled by and the timeware® application grew into the behemoth that we know and love, deep-down in the engine room of timeware, the original nuts and bolts are still held together by VB6, a massively outdated language, no longer supported by Microsoft but still able to run in Windows - for the time being!

Unconfirmed Microsoft sources have indicated that VB6 will still run within Windows until 2024 whereupon VB6 based programs will simply stop working meaning no more timeware!

OK, enough horror stories - calm down and concentrate on project Toronto!

Toronto is the project name given to the process of re-writing timeware® in a new language. C# (pronounced C Sharp) has been chosen and over the past few years we have been planning the conversion process. There are many different aspects to the timeware® application to consider: the services, the client app’, the report engine and most importantly the scripting engine to name but a few!

The process of converting timeware® has taken several years to plan because as well as the conversion, we have to consider our yearly upgrades and the company growth. We can’t stop developing for three years while we re-write the timeware® program.

The conversion is now under way and the planned release date is November 2023. When the new version of timeware® is released, it will initially look identical to the old version, but beneath the surface, the old vb6 technology will have been replaced with the latest C# development available. We will then have a massive array of tools available that will enable us to continue developing this amazing product well into the 2020’s...


Self driving electric cars…


Smartphones with holographic displays…


Mobile ESS for IOS and Android...

The mobile worker app’ released alongside timeware® 2016 received a tremendous welcome with over 250 companies around the UK purchasing licences for their staff to book in and out remotely. As with all great developments it wasn’t long before suggestions for improvements were being emailed through to the timeware® support team.

Mobile worker features:

  • Book In
  • Book Out

Now three years later and work has already begun on the Mobile ESS, a direct replacement for the Mobile worker app’ packed with all the features of the standard ESS but available for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Considerably easier to configure than enabling remote ESS access, we expect a greater take-up of this new app’ with some great price breaks for appealing to all markets.

Mobile ESS features include:

  • Book In
  • Book Out
  • Flexi-Balance Check
  • Holiday Entitlement Check
  • Holiday Request
  • Holiday Request Cancellation
  • Schedule Rota view

and many more features...