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The cumulative benefits of organising roadshows...

Throughout 2018 we organised a number of marketing events to raise the profile of the company and its products to our two distinct customer market sectors: for our partners we held four workshops, ten partner assist days and a product launch and for our end users we once again held a series of four roadshows at various venues around the country.

In this article, we wanted to share with you our concept behind the roadshows to enable you to consider whether organising them for your own customers would be beneficial?

We measure the success of roadshow events by the sales received from attending companies and we are pleased to state the for the year of 2018, the total ‘non-support’ revenue exceeded £30k. Remember that this figure includes orders received within the year in question from attendees and does not take into account sales that were achieved in the following financial year.

Target attendees

SLA1’s with an annual support income of less than £900 are the ideal target attendees and at the beginning of 2018 these constituted around 41% of our entire customer base. Remember that these customers are not part of the SLA2 annual upgrade process and in some cases my be on versions that are over six years old. Customers on old versions of software create a number of problems: support becomes difficult and the risk of migration to alternative systems becomes greater the old the version becomes. Encouraging SLA1’s to attend roadshows with a view to upgrading, which in turn changes their status to SLA2, is the aim behind the marketing campaign.

The customer service and support admin teams combine to form the marketing team and initially identify areas of the country where we see clusters of SLA1 customers. Next a local Best Western

hotel venue is located with event facilities to hold up to 20 attendees with internet and audio/visual support. Price is important - we normally pay around £300 for the room hire included refreshments and pastries! We promote each event through the community website and via customer care calls. We always invite at least one SLA2 to each event to strengthen the mix of customers present.

At each roadshow we have four timeware® staff members: a main speaker, a secondary speaker and laptop operative, someone to take meeting notes and finally a ‘meter and greeter’!

The meeting agenda is a ‘recap of new features’ covering the range of attendee versions. we demonstrate the latest hardware and always talk about speed and security improvements. The event is limited to no more than two and a half hours including Q&A.

The aim of the event is to stimulate interest in a more specific demonstration at the customer’s offices which in turn will lead to a quotation for software and hardware upgrades along with a quote for support. Ultimately the aim is to ensure that the client’s support annual support revenue exceed £900 per annum which means they fall within the scope of an SLA2 which benefits from free annual software upgrades.